• McKenzie


Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Hi! I'm McKenzie, the artist + owner of Monarch Creative Studio. I'm obsessed with architecture, art, and how it effects YOU everyday! Architecture is fascinating + fun, and it's all around us. We live in it, but do you know what you are looking at, or why that's there? Stay tuned as we observe the designs of everyday neighborhood homes, gain insights from residential architects and custom home builders, share fun facts, and announce community events. Sign up today to be our biggest fan with our ART+ITECTURE newsletter!

Monarch Creative Studio

We are a HOME PORTRAIT studio dedicated to providing HANDMADE architectural renderings of your home! We use alcohol-based markers, archival ink, and acid-free paper to create each one-of-a-kind home portrait. With every portrait, choose the season, choose the sky, and add your pet! Give the gift of HOME.

Builders and Architects undergoing renovation and/or new construction - Support your brand with a hand rendering to VISUALIZE your work! Most of us are "visual people," we need to SEE it! Get ahead of the game and flaunt your work for every stage of development. Our portraits can be used to pitch to investors, communicate visually with clients, and market what is "coming soon!" We offer exclusive packages for B2B collaboration, including our most popular, The Monarch package!

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